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Urgent Vietnam Visa – Working Off Hours or Weekend

Normally, visa is the first compulsory document that you have to handle before departure (both visa at the embassy and visa on arrival). However, since due to some urgent reasons (see below), some people cannot apply the visa in time and may be refused to get on board. – Urgent family issues in Viet Nam […]

The best time to travel to Vietnam

Vietnam has, because it’s such a narrow but very long-drawn- country, three different climate zones. Thus, the optimal travel time from Vietnam depends on which part of the country should be visited . Monsoon rains ensure that Vietnam is the wettest country in the world . Thus, there are also times when it sheer rain […]

Visa to Vietnam : How it works safely with the entry

What do I need in terms of note visa if I am planning a trip to Vietnam? Read the most important tips and hints, so that nothing goes wrong during your holiday in Vietnam. German nationals who wish to travel to Vietnam need a passport or at least a temporary passport. The document must be […]

Tourist Visa Vietnam – Cost and Procurement

A junk trip through the majestic scenery of Halong Bay, a visit to the floating markets in the Mekong Delta or take a hike through the mountains of North Vietnam – dream destinations for countless travelers and Vietnam connoisseurs. Vietnam Travel by tourist visa But before you can experience the wonders of nature , the […]