Vietnam has, because it’s such a narrow but very long-drawn- country, three different climate zones. Thus, the optimal travel time from Vietnam depends on which part of the country should be visited . Monsoon rains ensure that Vietnam is the wettest country in the world . Thus, there are also times when it sheer rain in parts of the country makes no fun to spend his vacation .

The best time to visit Vietnam North ( Hanoi )

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In northern Vietnam has a subtropical climate. The city of Hanoi and Halong Bay ( Halong Bay ) for example, lie in this region. The winter (November to April) are relatively mild with an average temperature of 17 degrees in the summer , especially in July , it can sometimes be 38 degrees hot. From June to October it rains almost every day . For travelers , the European climate conditions are used , so it is most pleasant between November and May . Ideally , the months of December and January. During the day there are between 20 and 23 degrees and the expected seven rainy days per month are borne.

Only the region around the mountain town of Sapa is an exception. Because of the altitude it is there mostly foggy and cool. In winter it can snow even violently . Between March and May is at its most pleasant .

The best time to travel to central Vietnam ( Da Nang )

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Who Central Vietnam and the coastal city of Da Nang want to travel , is best advised to plan their trip from February to May . During the day, a pleasant 24 to 28 degrees. In June, the thermometer climbs but then regularly about the 30 – degree mark , which is too hot for many. In October and November it usually rains so strong that at a relaxing seaside holiday is not to think.

The best time to travel to South Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City)

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In southern Vietnam has a tropical climate. This means that it is open all year very hot. Especially in April are 40 degrees are not uncommon. The best time for people who , for example, Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City) , want to experience the Mekong Delta, the party town Nha Trang or Phu Quoc Island is the dream , from December to February . During the other months it is either too humid or strong monsoon brings public life to a complete standstill . Particularly from June to October it rains almost every day .

The best time to travel to Vietnam