A junk trip through the majestic scenery of Halong Bay, a visit to the floating markets in the Mekong Delta or take a hike through the mountains of North Vietnam – dream destinations for countless travelers and Vietnam connoisseurs.

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Vietnam Travel by tourist visa

But before you can experience the wonders of nature , the journey must be planned and organized – This includes the tourist visa , which is essential for entry to Vietnam.

The tourist visa for German nationals must be requested at the embassy in Berlin or the Consulate General in Frankfurt.

Anyone planning only a stopover in Vietnam and the airport building ( transit area ) does not want to leave , does not require a transit visa. Who , for example, ends up in Hanoi and continues to fly from Saigon who needs a visa that must be applied for before the trip.

For a trip up to four weeks German need a visa that allows him to land only once to leave ( when leaving ) . Who wants to stay in the country longer or repeatedly enter and leave , the advice should be sought in the embassy and apply for the appropriate visa.

It is important that the passport has a validity until at least one month after the end of the trip . For the visa original passport , application form , passport photo , visa fees for , and a stamped envelope to the Embassy must be submitted . Allow sufficient for processing of visa , so you have all the documents ( visa and their passport) prior to departure. The message indicates a processing time of about 1 week , but it is advisable to do this already at an early stage .

The cost of the visa varies depending on the length of the duration and the number of departures . A “normal ” visa for 4 weeks and one-time exit costs currently 81,60 € .

Obtain the current fees at the Embassy or consulate .

As in many other countries, there is also the possibility of Vietnam Visa- on-arrival , ie When entry visa for a certain length of stay is stamped or glued into the passport . This is, however, to note that this is only possible DaNang to the International Airports of Hanoi, Saigon and DaNang. However, the Foreign Office recommends his visa before traveling to the embassy to apply for , so that each border crossing can be used for entry. The possibility of ” visa upon arrival ” was originally introduced for travelers who do not have a Vietnamese embassy in their own country and for urgent cases where the procurement of a visa was no longer possible .

Current information and any changes to the entry requirements, contact the Embassy of Vietnam or the Consulate General in Frankfurt. Please note that the rules can change at any time.

Tourist Visa Vietnam – Cost and Procurement