What do I need in terms of note visa if I am planning a trip to Vietnam? Read the most important tips and hints, so that nothing goes wrong during your holiday in Vietnam.

passportsGerman nationals who wish to travel to Vietnam need a passport or at least a temporary passport. The document must be valid as the requested visa for Vietnam one months longer. So it’s worth, while the rice planning to look at the passport, to make sure that it does not expire soon. Children are entries in a parent’s passport since June 2013 no longer valid. Every child needs their own identity document .

The surest way to get a visa to Vietnam

Visa for traveling to Vietnam can be applied for at the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin or at the Vietnamese Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main. With this visa you are entitled to 30 days to travel around the country. Again, one should note that the messages need at least a week to process the application . Who picks up the visa personally, shall on the request a postage-paid return envelope.

The visa for urgent cases ( pre-arranged visa on arrival )

There are situations where everything needs to go very quickly. For such cases, there is the so-called “Visa on Arrival” , which is obtained Nang at the airports of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon) and Da. It is important (valid at least 6 months) passport , two passport photos to have the visa fee fitting into U.S. dollars and the so-called letter of invitation it is . The letter of invitation does one have to exhibit previously by a certified travel agency. This costs a fee , but is usually organized in one or two days. A recommended among experienced travelers Vietnam Agency is called “Vietnam Visa Pro” . Here you can learn everything about the costs and terms.

Important: The pre-arranged visa on arrival is cheaper than the “classic visa ” applies only to the entry of the big three main airports. It is generally recommended to organize the visa through the Embassy or Consulate General . This is the official and especially the safest way.

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